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Carsten Witte - Limited Edition Prints





In this section you can browse through works of art created exclusively by our artists in limited edition.Purchasing a limited edition print you buy a unique good whose value will be growing overtime Every item is supplied with an Authenticity Certifcate and an ID no. duly signed and dated by the Artist himself.


Every LIMITED EDITION is made on request within a maximum number of predetermined prints. The figures appearing on the rear of the print show the number of items available and its maximum run (for instance 50 prints  / 50x70 cm / 19.7x27.58 inches means that a maximum of 50 prints are available in that cm/inches  format).




Buying an original or limited edition work requires a much higher investment compared to a standard poster devoid of any economical value. We do recommend that you consider your purchase carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarifications.                                                              

We are always available for any art lover and anyone interested in investing time and resources in this sector. 


For your purchase you can choose among several payment methods that we guarantee as safe and certified:


01. PayPal or Credit Card

Highly recommended if you are looking to receive your purchase in the shortest time. With this method we are credited with your payment immediately and we can guarantee print, certification and dispatch of the work of art to you in a maximum of 7 working days.

02. Bank Transfer

We will dispatch the work of art to you in 14  working days from the date of the payment credit. To speed up the process we recommend that you send us the bank transfer statement to our email address: info@newartcompany.ch.


Then you will receive all detailed information by email from our customer care prior to the shipment. We will take care of the work of art from the moment it will be shipped up until the delivery date: Rest assured our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction.